Name: Sakuya Kumashiro 
Age: 17 
Race: Human
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green

Sakuya is a bubbly popular girl, who falls for Tenchi as girls have a 
tendency to do. At first he seems to see her as just another Ayeka or 
Ryoko, but with time it changes. From the very beginning Yugi's
 minions are doing one thing, (aside from splitting up the Masaki family)
 trying to get Sakuya and Tenchi together.As fate would have it Sakuya was
 just a pawn in Yugi's plan. In fact she is shadow of Yugi,a portrayal of Yugi
 with out the whole mutant thing. And this crazed blonde no longer sees any use
 for her and terminates her position so to speak. It has been theorized that when
 Yugi has fully recovered and grown up she will become Sakuya.

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